Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Toddler's Pledge of Allegiance

My fellow Toddlers,

This week is Grownup Appreciation Week. All the Grownups are Super Grouchy because of the Economy and being afraid they'll run out of Nom Noms, and not all of them have Mommies to take care of them. We need to help the Grownups feel as Appreciated as Possible, and help them get their Happy Back.

Here's what I do:

I make sure to clap my hands for the mommy whenever she does something extra special.
I pick up my Toys and put them away when I'm Done, and then Sometimes get them out again because that makes the mommy Giggle.
I give the mommy Cuddles when she doesn't feel well.

I've also written this Pledge of Allegiance, which I am submitting to the Toddler Research Society for their Consideration and Approval. Here it is, and it took super hard work to make it, so listen super carefully.

I pledge allegiance
to the nom noms
and to the mommy
from which they come.
Lots of Yogurt,
Peach Rice Banana,
but no veggies, not ever.

There it is. If you hold your Hand over your Heart, it will make the mommy Smile.

Your devoted toddler anthropologist,

Baby River