Thursday, May 26, 2011

How You Treat the Yellows is Important

So. I've been studying all the Colors in the House, and the Yummy one is Yellow. All day since naptime I've Explored the house, and I found all the Yellow things and put them Together. That's how Things belong when they are the Same Color. Together. The Grownups Don't Know This. Apparently.

I know I am supposed to be Observing Carefully so I can Report Back all the things I learn about the Grownups to the Toddler Research Society so that toddlers everywhere will know how to better Handle the Grownup Problem. I'm supposed to learn their Language and Blend In. But I just can't help it. The Grownups are so Disorganized and Messy that someone with a Rational Mind needs to Help Them.

So So Messy. Here are all the Yellows I Found. I Found a Yellow Candle on the kitchen Counter, and a Yellow Book on a Shelf, and a Yellow Bath Toy in a Bin. There was Even a Yellow Lid on the Table. There were Yellow things everywhere.

It took a Lot of Work and wore out all my Muscles, but I brought all the Yellow things together and put them on the floor by the CD player. It took so so long, but I Did It. The House is Fixed.

I know I am supposed to be Observing, but I have to Teach the Poor Grownups Something.

Rule of Grownup Culture # 43:

Grownups don't understand How Things Go Together.
They fling their Yellows everywhere.
This is why they look So So Tired.

Your exasperated toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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