Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Sorrow and Pain of the World

So. Yesterday was so so busy. First the mommy gave me a checkbook, and I was so so Excited because I know these are So Important in Grownup culture. Now I can make a Baby Budget. Also the checkbook is Blue and Edible.

I am learning as much as I can. There are kitties and we played Hide and Seek. I found one kittie in the litter box and Giggled because the kittie made a funny face. Their Ears are so so Soft and the kitties Squeak when you tug on them.

The Cabinets in the kitchen are where the Grownups keep Important Things. There are Cans, and boxes full of Nom Noms. There is also a Bottle of Cooking Oil, and the cap was Loose so I Poured it All Out, on my jammies. And I made a Swimming Pool on the linoleum. It was so Sticky. The Grownups ran around with Towels and started jumping everywhere like Grasshoppers. I haven't seen that before.

Soon my new Swimming Pool was all gone!

My Observation for Today. Rule of Grownup Culture # 21:

Grownups' favorite Word is no no no.

Later it was almost Bedtime and I Cried because of the Sorrow and Pain of the World and my Growing Realization that Life is Nothing But Pain and Suffering and no Nom-Noms. The mommy picked me up and cuddled me and the daddy fed me pizza.

When all my Sniffles were gone, they put me in my crib and I hugged my Seahorse and fell asleep.

Your sleepy toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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