Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Grownups are So So Different

Dear Field Diary,

I think I am beginning to infiltrate the Grownups' culture, and they might - I hope I hope - be starting to accept me as One of Their Tribe. I got the daddy and the mommy to Chase Me around the house today. It was so so fun. I go very fast and the Grownups are so slow and Much Less Giggly but somehow they always catch up and tickle me! Also, I spent Lots of Time tapping my Belly with one hand, and got the daddy to imitate my movements. All this time I thought Teaching them my language would be Completely Hopeless, but today's Belly-Tapping would appear to be Evidence to the Contrary. I am Very Happy About It and I am going to go hug my Seahorse.

Anyway, here is my Observation for Today. Rule of Grownup Culture # 2:

Sometimes Grownups frown even when the world should be full of Giggles.

Your diligent toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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