Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bringing the Happy Back

Attention Toddlers Everywhere,

I know how we can Bring the Happy Back for the Grownups. Swimming Pools make them Happy. When you Splash them, you get Giggles. And they get Giggles. It's so so funny. We can cheer up All the Grownups and bring World Peace if we just put Swimming Pools Everywhere. I'm not sure How, but the Toddler Research Society needs to get on it. There are lots and lots and lots of grouchy Grownups and we need to Take Action With Expediency.

In the Meantime, all of us Toddlers who are sane and rational need to help the poor Grownups by making as many Swimming Pools as we can. We need to find Wet Things like kitty water, olive oil, and milk, and dump them on the floor and fill up one room in each house with a Swimming Pool. That can be an Interim Solution.

Also I have made a Discovery. The daddy says They Are Called Books. The pages feel nice against my Fingers and there are lots and lots of Letters in them and Pictures. Also the pages taste Super Nommy and the covers of the Books are chewable. I am going to Investigate Further and report more soon.

For now, Rule of Grownup Culture # 8:

If you want the Grownups to Giggle, you Has to Splash Them.

Your intrepid toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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