Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mommy is Sick

Dear Field Diary,

The mommy is Sicked. She has the shakes and she is all Shivery, and I'm super worried for her because she looks like her Happy is Gone. So I have been trying to Help, using everything I've Learned about the Grownups and their Culture. I thought she might need Nom Noms so I brought her a Potato Chip, but she looked Sad and didn't want it. Then I thought she needed a Comfort Device, so I offered her my pacifier. She had a Smile and Tears but it didn't help. Then I waved my Hands in the air and said "Yay" but the mommy didn't Cheer Up.

Nothing Worked. At all.

Then I Realized.

Sometimes, no matter how different they Look and how Silly they act, the Grownups are Just Like Us. I climbed onto the couch where the mommy was lying down, and I Snuggled into her Side and kept her Company all morning.

River's Next Rule:

When Grownups feel Sicked,
sometimes you just have to Cuddle them

I have been in the field for sixteen months and sometimes it feels like there is So Much still to find out, but other times, I Realize just How Much I have already Learned about Grownup Culture.

Your cuddly toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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