Friday, June 3, 2011

Yay! The Grownups are Learning my Language

Today Everything is Happy Happy. The Grownups are finally Learning my Language. For Example. I waved my Hands in the air and said "Yaaaaay" and they Waved Back and Said it Too. The House is So Full of Happy. I said Yay Eighteen times today. Which is A Lot.

I also Pursued the Loud Noise Thing that the Grownups use to make the floor Pretty, and I danced around it and Giggled. I got the Grownups to imitate all Kinds of Sounds I made. They are Fast Learners. I would never have expected it, but they Are.

The mommy has a Guitar and I played Music on it, and that was good Stress Relief after a long day of Toddler Anthropology and Training the Grownups to Speak in ways Toddlers can Understand.

The House and the Crib and the Toys are all Full of Happy.

Also the daddy brought crayons that you can use to Make Pictures on Glass, and the mommy and I drew Mountains on the Windows. Now the Glass is happy too. I think I am learning So So Much about Grownup culture from their Art on the Windows.

Now it is So So Late and I am going to go hug my Seahorse.

Your happy toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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