Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Grownups are Super Tricky

Dear Field Diary,

River's Rule of Grownup Culture # 14:

Grownups trick each other
and they will trick Toddlers, too.
They make you think you're going to get one thing,
and then give you Something Else
that's Totally Different.
They're Super Tricky.

Like Today. One minute the daddy was feeding me Yogurt, and the next, he was spooning Sweet Potatoes into my mouth. It was Different, and that's Just Not Right. I feel so so Tricked. And it gets Worse. I've been Comparing Notes with the Other Toddlers on Sundays while the daddy does God Things, and it turns out that Grownups do this All the Time.

They even do it to Each Other.

Like when one of them says I'm going to give you a Car and he gives you instead a Metal Can with no Engine. Or when one says I'm going to give you a Kiss and then instead he takes your Happy away. Or when one says I'm going to give you a House but gives you Debt instead. I don't understand why Grownups do this even though I'm Learning as Fast as I can about their primitive and unusual Culture. I think it's deserving of more Study, because Sweet Potatoes don't taste Anything like Yogurt. Not at all. And if we're going to solve the Grownup Problem we have to pull together all of our Toddler Resources and figure this one out.

Your inquisitive toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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