Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Grownups Give You Yogurt

My fellow Toddlers,

I need to Inform you of an Amazing and Significant Discovery. It's called Yogurt. It's squishy and it Trickles Down Your Chin and Chest and it is super nommy. The Grownups Make it, or Find it, or something. I'm not sure Where It Comes From, but the Grownups have it. I suggest we petition the Toddler Research Society to Dispatch Sixty or Seventy Toddler Researchers to Investigate Further at the Earliest Opportunity. We must learn where the Yogurt comes from. It's imperative.

The Yogurt put so much Happy inside me that I beat my chest with the palms of Both My Hands. Although the Grownup Language Consists of Grunts and Funny Singing Noises, they do Respond to Sign Language with a Little Training.

Your happy toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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