Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mommy Got Stuck with Needles

Dear Field Diary,

Today was the Worst Day Ever.

So the mommy was feeling So Sicked and the daddy and I took her to see the Doctor. And they stuck Needles in the mommy and made her Bleed. It was really really Scary, because Red Stuff came out. I cried so loud and the mommy said it was okay but I could tell her Happy was still Gone, so I Screamed and Screamed and Screamed.

Then they made the mommy Better but everything was still full of Suffering because there was no Crib and no Pillows. Sometimes the Grownups are barbarians. How could the Doctor's be a place to make people Better if there is no Crib there? Sleep takes away all the Nukkiness. Everyone knows that.

Rule of Grownup Culture # 4:

Grownups would Rather Get Stuck with Needles
Than Sleep.

How weird is that?

Just when I think I'm beginning to Blend In and understand the Grownups, they do Something that Makes No Sense. I don't understand how their Culture has survived this long.

I must have Screamed for my Crib for Hours and Hours. It felt like it. And still the Grownups didn't bring a Crib. Now we're Home and there's a Crib again, and I almost want to file a full report to the Toddler Research Society about how mean Grownups are and how they make No Sense and how they don't even understand enough of my Language to know I Need My Crib, and how sometimes life is nothing but pain and suffering and no nom noms. Worst Day Ever. I'm not going to file the report because my Crib is here and I'm going to go Sleep now, but I am Super Grouchy and am so so glad that I'm a Toddler and not a Grownup.

Maybe they'll make more Sense in the morning. Sleep helps everything Make Sense. Every Toddler knows how Important it is to Make Sense. This is a very Big and very Confusing World, and if you don't have a Crib and you get Stuck with Needles, and someone is Screaming for her Crib and you don't Help Out, then things make Even Less Sense. I am just so glad the poor Grownups have us Toddlers to let them know when they stop Making Sense, or they'd be totally hopeless.

Sometimes I wonder if the Toddler Research Society knew what it was Doing when it Assigned me to the Project. Some days I feel so out of my Depth in this strange culture. Still, I am going to Stick With It and figure the Grownups out no matter what it takes. But I am still Super Grouchy.

Your brave toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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