Saturday, June 18, 2011

If You Look Super Closely, You Can See the World is Made Out of Music

Dear Field Diary,

The House of the Grownups is filled with Music. There is a Guitar in the Corner. But it's Flat, so I put corn chips inside to help it Sound better. There is also a Snow Globe and a Music Box with pretties inside. And the daddy brought home a keyboard for me. Grownups make Musical Instruments and it's one of the Best Things about them. I mean, there's a lot of Nukky things about Grownups, like the way they Get Tired, and the way they don't feed you what you want to eat, and the way they don't always understand Our Language. But they bring you things to make Music with. And that's one of the Yummy Things.

I can devote Hours to just Listening to the Sounds. The keys like my Fingers and they want me to find the Music, too, so I keep trying until I find it. It's so so fun. The daddy showed me how to do a Scale, but I prefer making my Own Melodies. The Grownups get a Soft Look in their Eyes when they hear. They know and I know that I'm getting Close to finding the Secret of Music too.

When we make Music everything gets better. Even Carrots. They may taste super Nukky, but if you have Music afterward, it doesn't Matter as much.

I know that if I can play beautiful Symphonies on my keyboard, it will help the parents keep their Happy, and then we can Communicate. It's much much Easier to Communicate in Music than in Grownup grunts and whistles and talking-noises. And also it's Easier to hear the Real inside the Music than it is to hear the Real inside the grunts of Grownup Language. I can barely hear the Angel Music anymore because I'm a Toddler now, but I could hear it really Loud before I learned to Crawl. And the Grownups can't hear it At All. It's really Tragic. But they can tell that we hear A Little, I think, and that's why they Listen Extra Close when Toddlers make Music.

Also the daddy plays the keys with me, and I can see his Happy in his Face, so I know we're Communicating. Here's what I'm going do. I'm going to make Music each day before Bed until my Fingers know all the Melodies, and then I am going to play All the Music in the World for the daddy and the mommy until they dance and never Stop.

Rule # 11 of Grownup Culture:

Sometimes if you just Can't Get Through
to the Grownups, you just need to Sing to them.
Or go to the Keys.

Your melodic toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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