Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All the Stories are Hiding

Dear Field Diary,

When the daddy or the mommy reads one of my Books, Stories come Out and you can Hear them. That is a Good Thing. But when the parents aren't holding the Books, the Stories all hide Inside. I've gone Looking for them, because they are very Exciting and I want More. I turn the cardboard Pages so so Carefully, but the Stories don't come Out. I can see the Pictures with all their Colors and I can see the Letters, but the Stories still Hide. I tried turning one of the Books upside down but the Stories didn't fall Out. I can see them In There but they are so so Quiet.

Today I ran my Fingers under the Letters like the daddy does when he reads, except his Fingers are so big and mine are Little. I know I am close to discovering the Secret.

Sometimes in the evening before bathtime the daddy sits in his Chair and reads big Pretty books, so I found one of them Today while the daddy wasn't home, only the mommy was here. The book had very tiny Letters and no Colors but I didn't Mind because the pages had Shiny edges and also I know there must be Lots and Lots of Stories in there because the daddy can read it all evening and there are Lots of pages, so so many.

I kept turning the big Pages and Hunting for the Stories but they still Hid from me, no matter how hard I Looked for them. So I thought very hard. And I had an Idea. Going as Fast as I could, I started opening and closing the book, over and over again. I thought if I could just throw open the cover Fast enough, I would catch the Stories by Surprise and they would all come Out where I can Hear them.

I don't Know if the other toddler researchers on assignment in other Grownup Houses know about Stories too, but I hope so. They are full of Happy and I have learned Five Things about them:

1. They are so good at Hiding. Inside the Books.
2. They are made out of Letters.
3. The Grownups have the power to call them Out, because when a Grownup opens a Book, they jump Out very Fast.
4. The more pages there are, the more Stories.
5. There must be Lots and Lots of Stories in the World, because everywhere in the House there are Bookshelfs and all the Bookshelfs are full of Books and all the Books are full of Stories, except the Stories are Hiding. But there might actually be more Stories in the World than Toddlers. Especially if all the other Grownup Houses are full of Books, too. There are Lots.

How do you get the Stories to come Out? The Grownups have the Secret. The daddy gets full of smiles when I am working on it, so he must know I am Close.

The Stories are way too Exciting and full of Happy to be entrusted to Grownups. Grownups are so so Clumsy and they might Break them. It's up to us Toddlers to get all the Books off their Shelfs, open them Up, and let all the Stories Out. But the Stories don't come out by Themselfs. They are so Shy. But the Grownups do it somehow.

I am going to Find out. One way or Another.

Your puzzled toddler anthropologist,

Baby River

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